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CDC - Grant of £8,500 towards ‘carpentry, fit out and flooring work ‘ as part of the refurbishment - Granted July 2016
ONGOING CDC support - a rent subsidy amounting to 70% of market rent or £8232 pa for 3 years from January 2016

WSCC £950 towards the cost of building a bespoke storage shed at the rear of the Centre. Granted March 2017 

Midhurst Grange Community Association - £3000 towards furniture, furnishings and fittings. Granted in October 2016

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation £5000 towards the costs of refurbishment of the Fernhurst Centre, granted in June 2016

Fernhurst Parish Council - £500 towards replacing computer chairs granted early 2016.

Also, £500 towards window display materials and artwork, granted November 2016

Revels Committee - £300 towards the operation of the Fernhurst Centre, granted in 2017 and going back each year for many years

Fernhurst Films - £1,000 towards display units, wall mounted artwork and clock, granted September 2016

Fernhurst Pharmacy - £250 towards space saver dishwasher, granted in August 2016

Waitrose ‘Make a Difference’ Community Fund - £309 awarded May 2016

In addition the Fernhurst Centre benefits from the generous financial support of a number of individual private donors whose donations on a committed and regular basis, with the additional benefit of reclaimed Gift Aid, are invaluable to the day to day operation of the Centre.

We would also like to acknowledge the immense contribution made by our team of volunteers whose many hours of pro bono work for and on behalf of the Centre save costs amounting to hundreds of pounds per month and give the Centre its unique atmosphere of friendliness and community cohesion

Funding Support for the Fernhurst Centre as from January 2016