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The Fernhurst Centre has recyled over 260 items since the launch of its recycling scheme in 2014

Since setting up the scheme in April 2014, the Fernhurst Centre has despatched bucket loads of items such as unwanted screens, printers, PCs, mobile phones and laptops for recycling or environmentally friendly disposal.

Trustee and Recycling Scheme manager, Antonia Plant encourages people to spread the word about the recycling service that the Fernhurst Centre offers. It is a useful community service and it saves bulky equipment and contaminating metals ending up in landfill sites. The scheme began when people booking onto the Fernhurst Centre computer and iPad courses said they were worried about how to dispose of their old computers because of the amount of personal data they contained. The Centre sends the IT equipment collected to a registered recycling company and receives a certificate of destruction of data after every delivery so people can put their minds at rest on that score.

When the recycling scheme was launched in 2014, the Fernhurst Centre was inundated with some prize examples of what might almost be regarded as IT museum pieces which people had been storing in attics and garages while puzzling over what to do with them. Having had more than 12 collections of equipment since then, the Centre reckons well over 260 items have passed through their hands. As well as computers, it seems that the lower price and wider availability of a new generation of printers and mobile phones means these items are cheaper to buy new than repair, so a steady stream of these find their way to the Fernhurst Centre too.

The Fernhurst Centre is delighted with the way the local community has responded to its initiative to improve the environmental record of the village and surrounding area. It is happy to arrange disposal of all printers and domestic IT equipment, except bulky CRT monitors. Anyone wishing to use this service should email with Recycling as the heading and give details of the equipment they wish to bring in or, if preferred, call the Fernhurst Centre on 01428 641931, and leave their contact details. Due to lack of space, the Centre is not able take equipment without prior notice.