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These conditions apply to all contracts and arrangements for the hire of one or both rooms at the  
Fernhurst Centre (the Centre) by a third party (the Hirer) for the Hirerís private use.

2. The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring the Centre premises, furniture and other contents are left in  
the position and order they were in before the hire began and all washing up, clearing and cleaning has  
been completed. Rubbish (other than small amounts which do not fill existing bins) in a bin bag should  
be put in the dustbin outside the rear fire door or taken home. Please note there is no recycling facility  
at all available to Hirers, so please take recycling such as bottles, plastic paper or cardboard away for  
recycling elsewhere. Cleaning materials can be found in the cloakroom or under the sink.

3. The exit routes to the main door and rear fire door must kept clear at all times. The Hirerís attention is  
drawn to the Fire Notice on the wall next to the kitchen.

4. Please report any breakages or damage to the Centre Manager by phone (01428 641931) or in writing  
or by email to The Hirer will be charged for replacement items, additional  
cleaning or other remedial action required to restore the appearance or contents of the Centre to what  
it was prior to the Hirerís use of the Centre.

5. Where children or vulnerable adults are present during the hire, the Hirer shall ensure there is proper  
supervision so as to safeguard such users and the fabric of the Centre.

6. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Fernhurst Centre and its Trustees for any and all matters arising  
from a breach of these conditions or the Hirerís negligence or any damage caused during the period  
of or as a result of the Hirerís use or occupation of any part of the Centre, including consequential  
damage. Please ensure that while using the Centre and particularly on leaving, there is no loud noise  
or other disturbance which might upset the Centreís neighbours (both above and to each side).

7. Please ensure that the rear door is securely closed, the burglar alarm set and the front door locked at  
the end of the period of hire.  The Hirer is responsible for returning the key in accordance with the  
arrangement agreed with the Centre Manager. An hourly rate is charged for use of the Centre and the  
Hirer undertakes not to make use of the Centre for longer than agreed or, in the event that extended  
use is unavoidable, the Hirer shall notify the Centre and be liable for additional payment. A charge may  
be made for late return of keys and in the event of loss of keys, the Hirer shall be liable to pay for the  
change of the relevant locks.

Terms and Conditions of Hire
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